Try a Sample Round of Kinky Quizzo


1. What word is used to describe attractive older women who have sexual relationships with younger men and is also the name of a feline species?

2. Multiple Choice: According to statistics, what country’s women are most likely to have sex on the first date?
A. America
B. France
C. Australia

3. True or False: Aside from humans, there is no such thing as intersex or transgender animals.

4. Which judge from America’s Got Talent caused a buzz on Hollywood gossip shows when she posted topless photos of herself on Instagram during her summer vacation in July 2013?

5. According to a survey of sex shop owners, what flavor of edible underwear is the best seller?

6. True or False: Santa Clause has been portrayed with an enormous bulge in his pants in early renderings.

7. Which Caribbean island’s government built the popular vacation resort “Hedonism II”, known for its nudism and liberal attitude on sex, even though public nudity is illegal in the country?

8. What foul mouthed TV mom was part of a big controversy in 1994 when an episode of her self-titled sitcom showed her being kissed by another woman in a lesbian bar?

9. In which 2011 comedy does Jennifer Aniston star as a nymphomaniac dentist who not only sexually harasses her assistant, but also tries to blackmail him into having sex with her?

10. Name the hit song by Michael Jackson from his 1987 album Bad about a persistent groupie who wanted to exchange sex for fortune and fame.

Answers: 1. Cougar, 2. Australia, 3. False, 4. Heidi Klum, 5. Cherry, 6. False, 7. Jamaica, 8. Roseanne, 9. Horrible Bosses, 10. Dirty Diana