Get Kinky Quizzo at Your Location

Generating a social environment for your guests to get comfortable talking and enjoying themselves isn’t always easy. If you want your patrons to have a great time, socialize with each other, and develop a feeling of community that will bring them in to your location more often, Kinky Quizzo is your nightlife solution!

With two affordable options, no contracts, and a money back guarantee, Kinky Quizzo is a fail-proof way to bring in business, or just have a good time.

Kinky Quizzo is suitable for all adults who want to get together and enjoy laughter, drinks, and games throughout the evening. It’s so easy to get started!

Step 1: Order Your Kinky Quizzo Package

Just order your package right here online. You can set up your schedule for a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just order for a special event. We advise you to order your package 3 weeks before your first game.

Step 2: Ask Someone FUN to Lead!

There’s a “star” at every bar. Ask your staff and favorite customers for host suggestions. Some people love to be the center of attention and our trivia game package includes everything! Just add a fun, outgoing host for a successful game night

Step 3: Post the Supplied Promotional Material

You’ll be able to start promoting your game online within 2-3 business days from placing your order. Look for an email with web ready images for your social media.

When you receive your Kinky Quizzo game package in the mail, open it right away. Put out all your full color posters and table tents. Spread the word!

Step 4: Get Ready For a Successful Trivia Game Night!

Your game host will have what they need to lead a profitable game night at your location. The game host will pass out answer sheets, read the rules and the questions, and lead your patrons through two to three hours of fun! Have your guests fill up on drinks and snacks, and let the games begin!