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Comments & Testimonials about Kinky Quizzo

Bar Owner Comments

"When I first heard about Kinky Quizzo I was a little leery about the material but I figured what the heck, there's so much sex on TV and I own a bar not a library. Our Kinky Quizzo trivia night has been going strong every Wednesday for 4 years now and we couldn't be happier with this trivia game package." – M. Keller

"My favorite part of Kinky Quizzo is all the extra people in my bar on what used to be a very slow night. Our bartenders are happier because they're making more tips and my customers are having a great time." - J. Lieberman

"Our Tuesday nights were so slow I was thinking of just closing the bar on Tuesdays and taking a night off. But we figured we give Kinky Quizzo a try first and it totally turned the night around for us. For the relatively small investment I'm so happy I gave it a shot." – P. O'Brien

"We had tried trivia nights at our bar in the past and it just didn't work. But Kinky Quizzo sounded edgy enough and not so boring. We thought "why not" and it's definitely been a big hit around here." – D. Deegan

"I love the host it yourself deal. It saves me money and I get to pick a host that fits my bar and my crowd." – G. Beadle

"The ROI on our Kinky Quizzo game night is amazing. Week after week the crowd grows, people are staying longer, eating and drinking. We are very happy we found Kinky Quizzo online!" – A. Schneider

Player Comments

"The first time I won at a Kinky Quizzo game I couldn't believe the fantastic prizes they gave out. Nothing cheap and junky; I'm talking stuff you'd pay a pretty penny for and your local adult toy store!" – Diane in Rochester

"I usually don't like pub trivia because it's all so serious but at a Kinky Quizzo game, it's nothing like that." – Jimmy in Philadelphia

"People are laughing and joking with each other. It's definitely a night to make new friends." – Jen in Wilmington

"My friends and I have such a laugh during Kinky Quizzo. Even when we lose we still had a great night." – Adam in Chestnut Hill

"The team names are hilarious!" – Mike in Glendale

"My boyfriend loves when I score some prizes. He doesn't mind my night out with my girlfriends anymore!" – Paulina in Media

"I happened to be at a bar that was hosting a Kinky Quizzo game and at first I didn't know what to expect and wasn't going to stay. I'm glad we did! We had so much fun and now we are regular players." – Andrea in Hopewell

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