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Kinky Quizzo® Terms and Conditions:

  • No exclusive rights to use Kinky Quizzo® is expressed or implied. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse your order and/or game booking.
  • There is no binding contract to have or continue a Kinky Quizzo® event.
  • Recurring games are billed and shipped on your selected schedule until notice of cancellation is given.
  • Returns of unused game packages are accepted.
  • The Kinky Quizzo® trademark cannot be used in any other fashion other than to conduct an official Kinky Quizzo® event.

Returns and Refunds
Game packages may be returned within 21 days of receipt to the return address on your package label which is P.O. Box 1153 Bristol PA 19007. Shipping is not refunded and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. A refund to customer's credit card is issued when returned prize package is received in its unused condition. Prizes must be in their unopened packaging along with any unused gaming materials.

Cancellations and temporary postponements
You may cancel at any time. You may also temporarily cancel and/or postpone your Kinky Quizzo game schedule through holidays or other special events. Just call the office to stop or hold your order.

Shipping Information
Orders are shipped Monday through Friday except holidays. To ensure on-time delivery, if you choose a recurring Kinky Quizzo game schedule, you will be automatically billed and your game package will be shipped until your standing order is cancelled. All packages are shipped via USPS Priority Service with Delivery Confirmation.

If you have any questions please call 866-456-1125 or contact us here.

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