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The Kinky Quizzo Trivia Game Package

For only $89.95 the Kinky Quizzo trivia game package is the ultimate "host-it-yourself" trivia package. It includes everything you need to host a successful trivia night at your location, even the ADULT prizes!

Scheduling that is no hassle. With Kinky Quizzo you can choose to run your game weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just once for a special occasion. It's all up to you!

Variety of great prizes! Each week we put together a new and exciting Kinky Quizzo trivia game package with a wide variety of ADULT goodies for the winners. Most of our locations run their game weekly and their Kinky Quizzo players come back week after week to collect new prizes!

kinky Quizzo

For only $89.95 per Game! What's in the Box?

  • Over $130 in adult prizes
  • 3 rounds of Kinky Quizzo trivia and tie breakers
  • Game instructions & score sheet
  • 8 full color posters
  • 15 full color table tents
  • A custom web ready flyer for Facebook invites
  • Enough answer sheets for up to 16 teams (need more see our FAQs)
  • Your game listed on our website and social media sites.





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